Trust Deed Investments

FK CAPITAL FUND is a private money lender arranging trust deed investments against residential and commercial real estate in California. Our combined experience in both underwriting and brokering loans gives us a distinct edge over some of the other options available to investors. We’ll prove our understanding of the industry from appreciation and depreciation trends to true value which, at the end of the day, is best determined by the income approach.

Generally, most of the loans we process carry an 8% to 12% note rate. Your investment is secured by a first or second trust deed on the property being used as collateral. All loans carry title insurance, hazard insurance, and recent appraisals and/or Broker Price Opinions (BPO). We handle the complete servicing of each loan and you have the choice of reinvesting your payments or receiving them monthly. All trust deed investments are approved investments for IRAs. We do all the paperwork. Our loans are business purpose loans only, based primarily on the equity in the property, but the personal details of the borrower affect the maximum loan to value and/or the note rate.

Finding choice trust deed investments can be a tedious job and successfully accomplishing it from your standpoint can be difficult. Using a trust deed investment professional team to find, structure, buy and help arrange servicing for your notes can lower your cost, expand the marketplace for you, lower your risk, and increase your return tremendously. Our trust deeds are structured to reduce risk in several different ways. Contrary to most existing trust deeds and notes created by seller carry-back financing, trust deeds and mortgage notes originated by FK Capital Fund are specifically structured to address issues of risk that should concern all investors in today’s economy.

FK Capital Fund saves you time, money and effort by spending thousands of dollars every month to search for these lending opportunities, sifting through hundreds of loan scenarios just to find the right deal with a high yield, structured to reduce risk and improve the safety of your investments.

The decision on whether or not to approve a loan is primarily based on the amount of equity in the property. If the property has the required equity, adjusted for the current economic environment, FK Capital Fund will then measure and analyze the borrower’s characteristics and ability to repay the loan.

On top of handling all the servicing of each loan, FK Capital will also facilitate the collection and foreclosure aspect in the event of default. Our strategy for underwriting each loan greatly reduces the risk of any loss. All local, state, and national laws in regards to fees charged are always strictly followed.

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