Sell Us Your Note

Whether you’re a hard money lender, a trust deed investor, or a seller who owner-financed the sale of your property, FK Capital Fund will purchase your note at a fair price.  We know that the reason for selling varies, but whatever your reason, we want to offer our expertise to efficiently provide you the needed liquidity.

We will buy notes secured by 1-4 unit properties, all types of commercial properties, and even land!

The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Call us at (949) 940-0114 or complete the below form so that we can properly conduct our due diligence about the property and the history of the note.
  2. We can offer a full price offer on the unpaid balance of your note subject to an appropriate debt yield and risk analysis.
  3. We would send you copies of the documents, conduct a valuation of the property, and ensure that title is clean.  This process takes a few weeks and we pay for all the costs.
  4. Once our due diligence is complete, we will wire you the funds or send you a check, depending on your preference.

    Point of Contact

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    Property Information

    Property Type

    Note Information

    Is the loan current?

    Number of Late Payments

    Who occupies the property?

    Credit of Buyer/Borrower

    Due Diligence Items:

    Copy of Note

    Copy of Extensions or Modifications

    Old Appraisal (if available)

    Payment History

    Final Closing Statement

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