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At FK Capital Fund, we sincerely believe that the loan process should be educational for all parties involved. Considering that, we want to provide abundant resources, including the below mortgage articles,  in order for the process to be as efficient and painless as possible.

How to choose a good real estate agent

In  our experience with real estate agents, the difference between a terrible agent and a good one is sometimes hard to determine.  Each agent has their own distinctive ‘sales’ strategy in order to get their listing agreement signed.  Sometimes promises are kept, sometimes not.  More often than not though, it is the more subtle things that are done after the property is […]

Business Advice

In today’s complicated world, quality advisors are more important than ever, but there is a common problem associated with professional advisory services.  There are many types of advisors:  Attorney’s, CPA’s, financial advisors, real estate agents, insurance agents, and more.  Even within each of these fields, there are a host […]

Our Underwriting Philosophy

The prompting to document and memorialize our underwriting philosophy stemmed from a post-closing site visit of a construction project that we recently funded.  The project was a partially completed ultra high-end spec home in Los Angeles, California.  As we walked through the property, the pride on the […]

Business - How to Get a Mortgage With Bad Credit?

Obtaining a mortgage with less than par credit can be relatively simple as long as the prospective borrower has the right expectations.  To qualify for a prime or A-Paper loan, a minimum credit score of 580 (for FHA) and 620 (for Conventional) is required. […]

Waiting Period to Get a Mortgage

There are four common entities who purchase loans from or guarantee loans for banks. These include the Federal Housing Authority or FHA, the Veterans Administration or VA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. Each of these entities have specific waiting period guidelines that are important to know when considering […]

How to Repair Your Credit

Your payment history represents 35% of your credit score so when you miss a payment, it is extremely detrimental. This is the most important factor by far. This can be somewhat difficult to correct quickly, but it is possible. […]